The Beer Travel Guidebook is an entertaining and educational look at the growing trend of traveling for beer. Using my experience traveling the US in an RV visiting breweries this book illustrates the benefits of using local beer as your compass while giving tips, tricks, and stories from fellow beer adventurers.

Are you ready to see the world one beer at a time?


So how can you help? I’m glad you asked…because I was going to tell you anyway.

  1. Tell me your beer travel stories. Let me know how beer travel has impacted your life. Have an epic road trip thru teh Rockies where you ended up taking craft can shotguns with the mayor of Colorado? Tell me about it. Did a chance encounter at a brewery in Europe change your career path? Perfect, I want to hear the details.
  2. Tell me your beer travel tips. We all have a system for transporting beer when flying. Sneaking craft beer into places where it is “technically” not allowed or a little trick for cooling a beer while camping. I want to see what ingenious method lies behind your madness. Sketches are just as valid as written descriptions.
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  4. Share it! Lastly, if you know someone else who might enjoy this book go ahead and share it. A simple share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ will help spread the word far and wide.

Send your stories, tips, tricks, and beer travel related advice to me using the form to the right. Include your email and name (so we can give credit where credit is due) and share your knowledge.

Not all submissions will used, but the ones do make it are sure to be awesome. I would like to guarantee a free copy to all selected contributors, but since I don’t have a publisher yet can’t make that claim, but will push for it.

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